1. Comparative market analysis
We will prepare a comprehensive analysis of your property’s market value. This will include an overview of market activity, current listings and recent sales of similar properties in your property’s niche of the market, a summary of commissions and costs, and a summary of our marketing plan.

2. Determining value
At the conclusion of the Comparative Market Analysis,  we will discuss and determine a realistic and attainable market value for your property.  This value will be determined according to a number of factors including: – current market conditions
- recent comparable sales
- your needs and goals
- your timeline
- condition of you property

3. Pricing strategy
Together, we will decide how best to achieve a sale at market value or higher based on our list price.

4. Completion of listing paperwork
We will require a signed listing contract and standard forms to be completed before we can list your property.

5.  Initiate our marketing plan
Our marketing plan entails presenting your property in the best possible light and then exposing it to as many potential buyers as possible using different avenues.

6. Showing the property
We will show your property and ensure it is available for other realtors to show to their buyers at times that are convenient and approved by you. We will provide you with prompt feedback on all showings. This is the key to keeping a pulse on the buyers in your market.  If your property is rented, we will work with the you, the tenant, or property management company regarding showing times.

7. Receiving an offer
When an offer is received we will contact your immediately and consult with you so that you can make an informed decision.

8. Conditional Sale Period
During this time the buyer will be doing their due diligence (if applicable): – financing condition
- home inspection condition
- condominium document review condition
- any other condition that may apply in special casesThis can be a time where problems may arise but we are here to ensure everything is handled properly and solved promptly if need be.

9. Completion
After your sale becomes firm (buyer removes all conditions),  all required documentation will be forwarded to your lawyer on your behalf. On completion day we will monitor the transaction and make sure title is transferred to the Buyer and that you receive your sale proceeds.

10.  Possession
We will coordinate the handover of keys on your behalf.