The Buying Process

Our mission is to make the buying process as easy as possible for you. We are here to help you navigate all the twists and turns you may encounter, to protect your interests, and negotiate the best possible price. From the early steps of searching for that perfect property, to ensuring the home is handed over to you correctly, we are here to help you.

Remember, it is at no cost to you to use our services when purchasing. We share in the commissions paid by the sellers.

Below is a step by step guide to the process….

1. Begin your search – Start off by completing our customized property search form. We have access to all the listings in Calgary and will work with you to find only the ones that match your buying criteria.

2. View properties – Let us know which properties you would like to view and we will make arrangements to view them in an efficient and timely manor when convenient to you.

3. Offer (Purchase Contract) – Once you have identified that perfect property, we will help you prepare an offer with your best interests in mind. Some of the key components of the offer will be as follows:

Price – the price you wish to start an offer at.

Inclusions/exclusions – a specific list of fixtures and fittings that are included or excluded from the sale.

Deposit – once the offer has been accepted you will need to issue a deposit cheque as a sign of good faith to help secure this property while you enter the due diligence stage of the process. This is usually in the form of a personal cheque that makes up part of the down payment. The amount depends on various factors including property price point and or possession date.

Subject conditions – these are further specific terms to which the offer is conditional on. Typical subject conditions include financing, home inspections, review of condominium documentation, etc. Each of these conditions will have a date by which the buyer has to complete them. This enables the buyer time to conduct further inspection of the property and arrange their financing, while having the security of an agreed contract before incurring the cost and time involved. Any costs to perform these due diligence items are at the buyer’s expense.

Possession date – the date on which the outstanding balance is paid across to the Seller and title is transferred to the Buyer, and the contract thereby completes.

4. Counter Offer – This is when the Sellers responds to the buyer’s offer by changing something within.  This can be almost anything such as price, inclusions, possession date, etc.This goes on back and forth between the buyer and seller until an agreement is reached.

5. Acceptance – When both the Buyer and Seller agree to all the terms and conditions the contract is then signed by both parties to enter the next stage, the due diligence period. The buyer will commence their due diligence on the property in order to satisfy their  conditions, e.g. completing a home inspection, reviewing condominium documentation, arranging financing, etc.  This period can range from 5-10 business days depending on the situation.

6. Firming Up the Deal (removing conditions) – Once conditions have been removed, a firm and binding contract exists. We will assist with arranging a lawyer to convey the purchase for you as well as anything else you may need.

7. Lawyers & Possession – Usually a few weeks prior to possession you will meet with your lawyer to sign the final paperwork to complete the deal and ensure transfer of funds.  The balance of the purchase price is paid across to the Seller and the title is transferred to the Buyer. You are now the proud owner of your new Calgary home – congratulations!